Attractive 6.5 octave Kemble Piano in very good condition


Compact piano in very good condition

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This is a beautiful 6.5 octave Kemble piano in very good condition.


Kemble Pianos was a British piano manufacturer, active from 1911 until 2009 (owned by Yamaha since the mid-80s). Almost all Kembles are uprights, with a small number of baby grands built, mostly pre-war. Kemble pianos are best known for building small modern and compact pianos of very high quality, and overcoming many of the difficulties associated with building very compact instruments.


Full-sized Kemble uprights generally have responsive, refined keyboard actions and typically British tone: clear and warm, never excessively bright. Case styles are generally simple and elegant.


If you’re looking for a small piano, then the Kemble “Compact” is one of the best very small 7 octave pianos in the UK, measuring less than 52 inches in length


130 cm long x 48 cm deep x 106 cm high.


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